Donate to the Bollens-Ries-Hoffenberg Lecture and Scholarship Endowments

The Bollens-Ries-Hoffenberg Lecture Series is honored to support merit-based scholarships for political science students. We encourage you to support academic achievement by donating to the lecture services and/or scholarship fund.

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Yes, I would like to give to the Bollens-Ries-Hoffenberg Lecture Series (Fund 04473). This fund is used to support annual lectures relating to public policy and/or public administration issues.      $ __________

Yes, I would like to give to the Bollens-Ries-Hoffenberg Scholarship Fund (Fund 42538). Once endowed this fund, established in 2005, will finance student scholarships and/or student internships in local government.      $ __________

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Please review UCLA and the UCLA Foundation’s Disclosure Statement for Prospective Donors at or contact Peter Evans at (310)825-8633.

Please print this form and return to: Bollens-Ries-Hoffenberg Lecture, UCLA Department of Political Science, 4289 Bunche Hall, Box 951472, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1472 or fax (for credit cards) to: 310-825-0175