Past Lectures

The Bollens-Ries-Hoffenberg Lecture Series

Fiction When Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: Hollywood in The Trump Era

Franklin Leonard

Too Many Governments: How Local, State and Federal Jurisdictions Can Clash or Collaborate

Sheila James Kuehl

Reflections on 40 Years in L.A. Local Government and Where We Go From Here

Zev Yaroslavsky

The Passions & Politics of Ed Edelman

Ed Edelman

26th Annual Bollens-Ries-Hoffenberg Lecture

Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles

The State of California and its University

Dr. Charles E. Young, Chancellor Emeriti
Watch the lecture here.

How Congress is Helping to Meet the Challenges of Our Time

The Honorable Henry A. Waxman

The National and State Economy, with Comments on the Budget Process

The Honorable Thomas J. "Tom" Campbell

California Government: What's Wrong & How to Fix It

Bill Boyarsky, George Skelton, and Bill Stall
Master of Ceremonies - Edmund D. Edelman
Lecture Moderator - Bill Parent

Million-Dollar Murray: The Costs of Homelessness in America

Malcolm Gladwell

2005 - 20th Anniversary Lecture
How Can California Government Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century?

Former Governors Jerry Brown, Gray Davis, George Deukmejian
Moderator - Kevin Starr, Professor, History, University of Southern California, and California State Librarian Emeritus

California's Crisis: Budgeting in a Strait Jacket

Robert M. Hertzberg - Speaker Emeritus, California State Assembly, and Partner, Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw

Borough, Si! Secession, No!: Or, It's Time to Start Thinking about a Borough System for Los Angeles

Kevin Starr, Ph.D. - California State Librarian

The State of Los Angeles: How Can Our City be Improved?

Genethia Hayes - President, Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education
Angela Oh - Member, Los Angeles Human Relations Commission

Budgets, Taxes, and Spending: The Promise and the Challenge in California

Elizabeth G. Hill - Legislative Analyst, State of California

Can the Rainbow Hold Together?: Racial and Ethnic Coalitions in a Diversifying Nation

Jennifer L. Hochschild - Professor, Government, Princeton University

Politics and Ethnicity

James Q. Wilson - Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, UCLA

Government's Role in the Arts: What Is It? What Should It Be?

Andrea Rich - President and CEO, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Should We Hate the Media?: The Responsibility of the Press in the Decline of Public Life

James Fallows - Washington Editor, Atlantic Monthly

The Current Health of State and Local Government in California: What Prescriptions are Needed?

Edmund D. Edelman - Former Member, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Economic Security in a World of Change: Can We Have Both?

Michael Dukakis - Former Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Building and Rebuilding Los Angeles: How the City's Development Agencies Shape Regional Growth

Steven P. Erie, Ph. D. - Professor, Political Science, University of California, San Diego

End of the Cold War: New Challenges for Governing

Walter F. Mondale - Vice President, United States of America

New Directions for California

Carl Covitz - Secretary, Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, State of California

Some Promising and Dismal California Political Participation Trends

Mervin Field - President, Field Institute, and Director, California Poll

Military Spending vs. Social Spending: Can We Afford Both?

Dale Bumpers - United States Senator, State of Arkansas

The Welfare State and Local Government

Dr. Theodore J. Lowi - John L. Senior Professor of American Institutions, Cornell University

Plebiscitarian Democracy in California: The Initiative Process

Dr. William Hamm - Vice-President, World Savings

State and Local Government: Where the Action Is

Dr. Hale Champion - Professor, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

1985 - Inaugural Lecture
Strategic Decisions That Molded Los Angeles: Could They Be Made Today?

Dr. James Q. Wilson - Professor, Graduate School of Management and Department of Political Science, UCLA